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Any person affiliated to the house may book a meeting room using this interface.
To become a 'room booker' click to fill the request form
To book a room click on the icon ""in the "See bookings" window
Administrator has the right to modify any booking
Only Administrator can add new rooms to the list (See the list of rooms available for booking)
Understanding the room number: it might be in the form "Fxnn" or "xn:nnnn":
FM32 "F" stands for "Fysikcentrum" (the very first name of "AlbaNova")
"M" is the building code (see the codes),
"3" is the floor number
"2" is the room number on the floor
A4:1003 "A" is the zone code (see codes)
"4" floor number
"1003" - room number
122:011 Building 12
2-nd floor
room 011

The Stockholm Centre for Physics, Astronomy and Biotechnology  Phone: (+46)(0)8 - 5537 8444

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